Hi, I'm Julia Hernandez! I'm a hardworking full-sun plant with a BFA in Digital Art and Design from Kendall College of Art and Design, with a focus in digital illustration. I'm also a novelist and playwright, and I carry over my storytelling experience into my visual work whenever I can!
I've been featured as an illustrator and contributor for a number of independent publications over the last 5+ years. My portfolio includes page illustrations for zines, card art, and art by commission for private clients. I aim to create highly personalized and well-executed art with options for every budget, intent, and client.

Software Experience
6+ years in Photoshop
2+ years in Clip Studio
4+ years in InDesign and Illustrator

Featured as a card artist for the Borderlands Tarot Project, a community-led project to illustrate and publish a tarot deck featuring characters and designs from the Borderlands video game franchise. The roster featured many longtime artists and content creators from the games' fanbase, as well as voice actors from the games themselves. 
I used a template supplied by the project admins and worked with other artists to ensure that our works maintained the diversity of our own styles while creating a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing deck.
Assigned to major arcana and fully rendered the card Death.

Was invited to intern for the summer with Comfort and Adam, a husband-and-wife duo of comic creators making critically-acclaimed comics start to finish. I met them through classes they taught during my time at KCAD, and they reached out to me summer of 2021 about an internship.
I learned their technique of making comics, from sketch, to color, all the way through to final render to help pick up work on their current series, The Uniques, working with a small team of other new interns. While interning remotely during Covid-19 posed challenges in terms of communication, it still gave me great insight into the process of comic creation and the opportunity to make some lasting connections with other artists in a time where it was far more difficult.
Completed paid work with strict style guidance and formatting rules on par with the standard set forth.

"Powder Keg" Card Artist
Designed and illustrated cards for an educational strategy game.
I used an established style guide to meet benchmarks and make card art that matched the work of the other artists working on my team. I personally illustrated historical figures in exciting ways that told a story on each card.
Completed two fully rendered cards that were later used as style reference.

Theatre Set Design and Construction
Oversaw set design and assisted in construction for stage for four years. 
Developed conceptual design skills and deepened understanding of project management. I personally supervised special effects painting and designed and built moving components and doors.
Completed two to four full-stage sets a year on schedule and of high quality design. 

Other Zine Credits
Voices From Mars: A Carole & Tuesday Zine

Employment History
Digital Learning Center Tutor
Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, MI
February 2020 - June 2020
Brought on as part of a team to tutor other Digital Art and Design students in learning new software, illustration techniques, and portfolio building to ensure excellence among student work during my final semester.
I created a foundation of information for students curious about Clip Studio Paint as an alternative to Photoshop currently growing in popularity. With this, I created a comprehensive “rulebook” to help other students master both programs in tandem. While working remotely during Michigan's COVID-19 lockdown, I also facilitated video meetings to acclimate other students to working from home.

Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, MI
BFA in Digital Art and Design, Dean's List

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